Supporting Farmers

“British farmers produce the world’s best food and provide the raw materials to keep 4 million people employed”, says Greg, who adds “It is crucial that we support the industry by ensuring measures are in place to encourage people to join the sector and to give farming a prosperous long-term future”.

Greg made the comments after a meeting outside Parliament with National Farmers Union (NFU) representatives including East Yorkshire farmers.  In addition to the meeting the NFU organised a display of first-class British produce.

Sir Greg added: “Farming is vital not only for the jobs it provides both in East Yorkshire and across the country but for its crucial contribution Britain’s £108 billion food and drink industry. There are many ways we can all help farming in Britain be even more successful. I am certainly giving my backing the NFU charter and will continue to regularly meet with local farmers”.



The NFU charter calls for excess red-tape to be slashed, farmers to have access to their fair-share of water, investment, research and development, so technologies from the laboratory transfer to the field and policies which encourage farmers to invest in infrastructure.