Greg’s Manifesto

Greg is standing at this election on the Conservative Party’s General Election manifesto. This is a manifesto for Government, not an uncosted wish-list for opposition.

Here is ‘at a glance’ guide to it:


The manifesto vows to keep taxes ‘as low as possible’.


The manifesto says the deficit will be finally cleared ‘by the middle of the next decade.’


The manifesto says ‘as we leave the European Union, we want to negotiate a new deep and special partnership with the EU, which will allow free trade between the UK and EU member states.  As part of the  agreement we strike, we want to make sure that there are as few barriers to trade and investment as possible.’

Leaving the European Union also means we will be free  to strike our own trade agreements with countries outside the EU.


Theresa May is sticking to her immigration reduction target.  ‘It is our objective to reduce immigration to sustainable levels, by which we mean annual net migration to the tens of thousands rather than the hundreds of thousands as we have seen in the last two decades.’


The manifesto pledges a major spending boost for the NHS.  ‘We will increase NHS spending by a minimum of £8 billion in real terms over the next five years, delivering an increase in real funding per head of the population for every year of the Parliament.’

Greg has also given his backing to the retention of services at Driffield and Bridlington hospitals, against the proposals of local NHS managers.


There is a pledge to create at least a hundred new free schools a year.  The manifesto reaffirms the Prime Minister’s commitment to bring back grammar schools.


Spending on the military will continue to rise.  ‘We have the biggest defence budget in Europe and the second largest in NATO.  We will continue to meet the NATO commitment to spend at least 2 per cent of our GDP on defence and we will increase the defence budget by at least 0.5 per cent above inflation in every year of the new Parliament.’


Here the manifesto pledges to provide extra motorway lanes and create extra railway capacity.


Greg is backing Britain’s pensioners and he supports Theresa May’s election pledge on future state pension increases.


If there is any issue which is giving you cause for concern and which is not mentioned here please do get in touch.