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Students Get Taste of Election Fever

Students at Market Weighton School have learnt how laws are made at Westminster and learnt about the work of Britain’s democratic system.

The inside view came from Conservative candidate Sir Greg Knight, who is standing for re-election as MP for East Yorkshire. During the campaign, he paid a visit to the school spoke to students about Parliament and the work of an MP.

Afterwards Greg said, “I was pleased to explain how our laws are made and I was impressed with the interesting and varied questions from the students”.

Check out Greg’s 2017 General Election song

Knight Meets Local Farmers

Conservative candidate for East Yorkshire Sir Greg Knight has met with local farmers including National Farmers Union (NFU) representatives to discuss issues of concern to them in the forthcoming General Election.

Sir Greg, who backs the NFU manifesto, said “Under the Conservatives farmers will continue to receive the same cash total in funds for farm support as they do now for the forthcoming parliament”.

Sir Greg expressed concern that under a Labour Government farmers would be banned from using some pesticides which are crucial to food production and pointed out that Labour had refused to adopt a science-based approach to disease control in cattle which the NFU insisted was vital.

Food labelling was also discussed, with current EU rules currently meaning foreign reared animals processed and packaged in Britain can be labelled ‘British’.  Sir Greg, who has had a long-running campaign against EU law which make this possible, said “I look forward to the day when we leave the EU and Britain’s food labelling returns to the realm of transparency and common sense”.

Sir Greg said: “Conservatives have big ambitions for Britain’s farming industry: we are determined help farmers to grow more, sell more and export more British food”.


Pictured: Sir Greg Knight with local farmers.

Knight Opposes English Parliament

Greg Knight, the Conservative candidate for East Yorkshire, is opposing plans by UKIP and the Yorkshire Party for an English Parliament.

Sir Greg says: ‘The last thing Britain needs now is more politicians.  What we need to do is to see that our economy continues to grow and that we have effective Brexit talks with the European Union.  Merely creating another talking shop will not solve any problem – and would actually make matters worse because of the cost involved.’

Sir Greg said: ‘Realistically, after the General Election, one of only two people is going to be Prime Minister.  It will either be Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn.  The thought that one or two Yorkshire Party MP’s could make any difference to anything, is laughable.  I am standing to support Theresa May as I think she is just the sort of tough negotiator we need when dealing with our exit from the EU.

Greg Opposes Labour’s Proposed Garden Tax on East Yorkshire Homes

Conservative candidate for East Yorkshire Sir Greg Knight has condemned Labour’s manifesto plans to treble council tax for East Yorkshire homeowners.

Labour’s plans would see a Garden Tax, known as a ‘Land Value Tax’ replace council tax and calculations show tax on the average family home would increase by 224 per cent.

Sir Greg said, “This policy would hit rural areas like ours where houses have larger gardens. It would bring misery to every family in East Yorkshire”.

The respected centre-left think tank the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), a favourite of former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair, warned the introduction of Land Value Tax would see “many losers”.  They say it would become “a tax on gardens” hitting biodiversity and seeing large gardens sold off to developers.

The IPPR added that the tax “might push some heavily mortgaged homeowners over the edge” and lead to repossessions.

The National Farmers’ Union warned that imposing land tax on agricultural land would increase the cost of UK food production and drive up the cost of living and inflation.

Sir Greg added: “This planned tax would be just part of the extra cost of a Jeremy Corbyn government”.

23rd – 25th May 2017 – Campaign Suspended

Conservative candidate for East Yorkshire Greg Knight suspended his General Election campaign from 23rd – 25th May in sympathy for, and out of respect to, the Manchester victims.

Listen to Greg: why suspend the election campaign?

Knight Campaigns for Better Broadband

Conservative candidate for East Yorkshire Sir Greg Knight is calling for a boost to broadband in East Yorkshire.

Sir Greg, who has long campaigned on the issue, is calling for more to be done and has pledged to make it one of his top priorities if re-elected.

“Poor internet connectivity can increasingly hold back economic development in rural areas”, he says.

Sir Greg welcomed the Conservative Government’s Digital Economy Act, passed just before Parliament’s dissolution but said there is always more that can be done. “This Act will give 4,251 more households in East Yorkshire a legal right to access broadband by 2020 taking the rate of connection in the area up to 91%”.


Sir Greg Knight with Digital Minister Matt Hancock

Sir Greg recently held a meeting with Matt Hancock, the Government Minister responsible for Broadband and he urged the Minister to keep this as his number one priority. He adds: “We need to redouble our efforts, because in the 21st century geographical isolation should no longer mean digital isolations”.

Campaign Offices Now Open!

The Conservatives have just opened not one but two election offices – in Pocklington and Driffield as part of Greg Knight’s campaign.

If you are passing, do come in to say hello – but if you’re making a special journey please call us first incase the team are out and about in East Yorkshire!

The campaign telephone number for both offices is 01377 812123 and the offices are at:-

1 Market Place, Pocklington YO42 2AS

9 North Street, Driffield YO25 6AS